Welcome to Portuguese Tiles

We create Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles & Tile Murals for architects, interior designers and homeowners from all over the world.

Custom Tile Murals

Our Tile Murals can be expanded, reduced or customised to fit your space.



We offer free shipping worldwide on all orders.

Tile murals are not assembled before shipping. Mural tiles ship individually wrapped and numbered for easy installation.

Orders are shipped within 4-6 weeks from purchase date.

Our tiles are packed with extra care to ensure their safe arrival. We use strong double thickness boxes that are securely taped with parcel and Fragile tape.

Yes, you will receive an email with the shipping details and tracking number once we ship your order.

We will offer replacement tiles free of charge and will ask for a photo of the damaged tiles to be emailed to us.

Tiles & Tile Murals

Our tiles are 15cm x 15cm or 5.9″ x 5.9″.

The tiles are 4mm thick.

The background colour is off-white.

They are perfectly suitable for use in showers and their colours will never fade. We have many customers who have tiled their complete bathrooms and showers using our tiles.

All our tiles are suitable for cold, snow, rain or heat. They will not crack, chip or fade in any kind of weather.

Yes, they can be used behind a cooker as a decorative splashback without any problem.

  • All tiles are numbered on the back to help with assembly.
  • Tile 1 starts on the top left corner. Lay tiles from left to right.
  • We recommend leaving a 1-2mm grout line between the tiles.
  • It is recommended that you use a professional tiler to install your tiles.

Plain Tiles

Yes, we sell plain white tiles to match with our tile murals.

Custom Orders

  • Our murals may be expanded, reduced or customised to fit your space.
  • We also gladly accept custom orders so whatever you like, we will create!
  • You can send us the photos of your project and we'll be happy to make it.