About us

We create Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles & Tile Murals for architects, interior designers and homeowners from all over the world.

At Portuguese Tiles, we believe that tiles are works of art that deserve much more love! When compared to alternatives like paint and wallpaper hand painted tiles offer so much more. Our hand painted tiles are versatile decorative pieces you can enjoy anywhere.

Whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway, or any other space our tiles will look amazing. Indoors or out our tiles give you a way to make your home or any other property standout.

So, why should you come to us for your tile needs? Well, we have over 30 years’ experience in tile manufacturer and follow historic techniques to guarantee the best quality. We have sold custom tiles to just about everyone, including homebuilders, developers, and even other tile distributors.

At Portuguese Tiles, we understand that tiles are works of art so every tile we produce is incredibly high-quality. They are heat and cold resistant and can even stand up to frost as well! If you want high-quality frost-free tiles then there is no better choice!

A Unique Approach

We know just how important uniqueness is when it comes to choosing your décor. Which is why our tiles are completely customisable you can choose the colour, pattern, size, and more. Whatever design you’re looking for we can help.

Our experienced tile artists will lovingly hand paint each and every tile! We follow strict quality control measures for every single tile and build them following historic Portuguese processes. This means our tiles can easily last for generations to come!

With our amazing approach and endless creativity, our tiles can look great in any setting! With Portuguese Tiles you aren’t limited like you would be with other alternatives. Our tiles can be used to create modern works of art to decorate all kinds of areas.

You can create stylish backsplashes for bathrooms, kitchens, patios, poolside areas, barbecue pits, and more. And because our tiles can be hand-painted according to your exact specifications they can fit any theme you have in mind.

A Professional You Can Rely On

At Portuguese Tiles, we have brought historic manufacturing processes to the modern-day! Our tiles are works of art and words really can’t do them justice, and thanks to our wealth of experience and passion you can have completely unique tiles.

We work closely with you at all stages of your tile development to ensure your tile murals turn out the way you have envisioned them. Our tiles are a great decorative piece for both homes and businesses alike and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Everything we produce at Portuguese Tiles is made to order and to ensure the highest quality results commissions take an average of four to six weeks to complete. But the wait will surely be worth it when you see just how amazing our tiles are!

So, why not pay a visit to our online gallery to view just a small selection of some of our favourite works and installations? And remember your tiles could soon be amongst them!