Portuguese Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash

Are you struggling to make your kitchen stand out? Are you bored with paint and wallpaper? Or are you looking for that extra-special touch that will liven up your kitchen? If so then you need to learn more about our hand painted Portuguese tiles for kitchen backsplash!

At Portuguese Tiles, we are specialists when it comes to hand painted kitchen tiles and we have over 30 years’ experience. We create bespoke tiles for all-around your home, but they look especially good in your kitchen. These range from the large tile murals behind an Aga, around a basin splashback, decorative kitchen murals, borders, and more.   

We know no kitchens are the same just like no two customers are the same which is why our professionally made hand painted kitchen tiles are the perfect decorative touch. Kitchens can be given a new lease of life with some of our hand painted kitchen tiles.

But why do kitchens look so amazing with our hand painted kitchen tiles? Well, tiles naturally make great backdrops to a stove or Aga. Especially our tiles because they are incredibly high-quality and fully customisable in both design and size. So, with the Portuguese Tiles team, you can get tiles that are completely personal to you and your home.

Our hand painted Portuguese tiles are washable, robust, frost-free, and both waterproof and heatproof. But even if you don’t want to place them around a basin or stove our hand painted kitchen tiles make beautiful decorative pieces and can create a stunning focal point. Let’s look at some of our favourite hand painted kitchen tile designs in more detail.


Rooster Mural - Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles | Ref. PT236

This beautiful Portuguese blue and white rooster design will look great in any kitchen.The rooster is a charming animal that is stunningly captured in these bold and beautiful tiles. If you are looking to create a more cosy atmosphere for your kitchen then this tile design is a brilliant fit. It’s a traditional yet timeless choice that will suit kitchens of any size. Click here to order


 Hanging Foods Kitchen Tile Mural - Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles | Ref. PT367

Hanging Foods Kitchen Tile Mural - Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles | Ref. PT367

The hanging foods hand painted kitchen tiles design is a real stunner! A variety of foods are brilliantly captured including fish, garlic, carrots, meat, and more. It’s a versatile design that really shows the difference between our high-quality hand painted tiles and the more dull uninspired designs you can find in shops. It’s a classic design that will make a great focal point for any kitchen. Click here to order.


Fruit and Flower Basket Tile Mural - Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles | Ref. PT320

Fruit and Flower Basket Tile Mural - Hand Painted Portuguese Tiles | Ref. PT320

Our hand painted kitchen tiles are works of art as this stunning design shows. The framed fruit and flower basket is an intricate and complex mural that is a feast for the eyes. If you want to create a stylish decorative piece for your kitchen then this stunning design is the perfect choice. The blue and white colouring enhances the artwork further giving the tiles a regal and luxurious look as well. Click here to order

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